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Aerospeed Couriers offers you all the speed you need delivering your documents or parcels any where around the world. We offer a personalised service specific to your needs at any hour of the day throughout the year. We've been in the courier business for twenty years offering high quality domestic and international courier services and our international network of courier partners also gives your company the added advantage of enhanced service levels all round. We provide the service that other courier companies can only talk about because we pride ourselves on offering personal service at the most competitive rates. Give us the opportunity to show you that we are the creme de la creme of courier services. A call to us at +2711 786 5586 or +2711 440-2709 gives you delivery or collection anywhere in the world!


About Us

Aerospeed's customer list reads like a Who's who of Fortune 500 companies but when you use Aerospeed Couriers you are supporting a South African company that fully supports Affirmative Action. For instance, Mr. Eddie Maduna has worked his way up from being an entry-level clerk to becoming an executive with profit sharing. Over two thirds of our staff complement are from the previously disadvantaged, including people who who are physically or mentally challenged. Aerospeed Couriers is managed by people who have been in the courier business for twenty and who have all the expertise to advise you how to courier your documents or parcels anywhere around the world as efficiently as possible to any destination. We also like to save you time and money- without the frustration!

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